My Spy ★★★★

So sugary sweet at times that you'll get diabetes! Dave Bautista continues his well-mined run of straight-man comedy playing off the adorable Chloe Coleman who brings that mixture of sweetness and hard edge we used to get with pip-squeak heroes and heroines in the PG-13 adventures of yesteryear (mainly the late '80s and early '90s).

My Spy comes packed with a lot of well-earned laughs and despite being aimed, perhaps, at younger viewers, doesn't lower itself to potty humor or easy sight gags. It is rated PG-13, likely for the violence which there is in trace amounts here and there. The actual adult situation aspect of the film, when things get serious, is pretty goofy and unimportant, much like with The Lovebirds earlier this year, so come for the sweet chemistry of the leads and the intentional comedy, not the drama.