Suspiria ★★★½

I think I’ve always felt that filmmaking is actually a form of design: like fashion, architecture or interior design. This was a notion that began when I started noticing the design behind the Harry Potter films as a child, and this film has cemented it. SUSPIRIA is gorgeously designed both visually and story-wise.

The production and costume design are some of the best I’ve ever seen, and Guadagnino’s emphasis and passion for these aspects of cinema is inspiring.

Guadagnino’s commitment to an aesthetic and visual tone to create an emotional atmosphere is my favourite thing about CALL ME BY YOUR NAME and it’s my favourite thing about SUSPIRIA. He truly is a master of tone: in CMBYN it’s romance, here, it’s horror and gore. 

His collaboration with Thom Yorke in this (and Sufjan in CMBYN) is also something admire so much: you can tell they worked so closely together to create some BRILLIANT stuff both musically, filmic-ally and tonally.

Fuck me some of this is disgusting. I couldn’t look during a lot of parts - but that’s okay. It’s the moments where you look away from the screen that are some of the most impactful (and I mean that in the best way). After all: imagination is powerful. 

HOWEVER the final half hour (in Act 6 - you’ll know if you’ve seen it) really fucking tested me. It was too much. I know that’s the idea. But I’m sorry I just couldn’t focus on anything because there was so much gore and just like fucking hell it was intense and I felt fucking sick... like I found the film absolutely phenomenal up to this point, and I know if you’re a gore and horror fan this ending would’ve made you ascend but it’s literally just me not being accustomed to the genre and this sort of stuff. This rating would’ve been so much higher if it weren’t for Act 6, I’m afraid.

Witches do be dope tho lol