Boss Level

Boss Level ★★★½

Just when I figured I would finally be burnt out on the time loop premise, here comes along "Boss Level" a highly entertaining, slick, and even pretty clever spin on the genre. Frank Grillo gives yet another commanding, and absolutely bad-ass lead performance here, it's crazy that this guy hasn't become an even bigger star already. He makes for such an easy protagonist to root for, while also perfectly nailing the darker humorous moments of the role too. Mel Gibson is also makes for a fun villain, although I do wish some of the supporting players here got just a little more screen-time. Joe Carnahan's direction is confident and energetic, certainly not restraining itself with the over the top violence. Really dug the use of this score & soundtrack here as well. This isn't like a game changer by any means nor an amazing film, but it is most certainly a surprisingly very fun ride and if you have Hulu, be sure to check it out.

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