Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe ★★★★½

I'm still literally shaking.

Look, everything that needs to be said about this movie has really been said already, and honestly the less said, the better your experience will be, but this really is unnerving, relentless and pure suspenseful terror at its best.

Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and especially Stephen Lang are all great, but the real front and center star here is Fede Alvarez. Alvarez not only makes the most out of such a basic, run of the mill premise, but his use of sound design and visual flair just makes for all the more of a immersive and one chilling experience. And just when I thought I knew exactly where it was heading... well I was definitely proven wrong. I wasn't even the biggest fan of his Evil Dead remake, but this proves Alvarez is the next great horror director to look out for and I'll sign up for whatever he's doing next.

In a year that has been surprisingly great for the horror genre with The Witch, Lights Out, and The Conjuring 2 (plus Blair Witch just around the corner.... what a time for fans of the genre to rejoice), this manages to even perhaps stand out as the best of them all and is amongst the most fun I've had with any movie this year.

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