Lightyear ★★★

Lightyear certainly never justifies its existence, but it's a fun and perfectly solid little adventure in its own rights that many fans of this classic character should definitely eat up. As much as it may take some time to adjust to the voice change, Chris Evans fits into this new rendition of Buzz Lightyear perfectly and even his voice alone gives this movie a lot of life. The voice cast across the board is pretty great here from the likes of Keke Palmer and Taika Waititi, and I enjoyed the new characters (yes SOX is the MVP). The animation here is absolutely stunning and is honestly some of the best work in a Pixar film possibly ever. Where this film ultimately falters and what holds it back from being an actual great Pixar film is the surface level story. The film certainly has plenty of charm and even enough heart, but the emotional resonance just wasn't quite there for me and the last half just took such a predictable turn. Having said that, I still smiled and laughed quite a bit throughout this which still certainly made for an enjoyable time. The action is also solid and this looks really great on an IMAX screen. Not a home run by any means, but perfectly enjoyable enough for the families and myself. I'm worried about its box office underperformance means for the future slate of Pixar because these films need to stay theaterical.

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