The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

"Marriage is when you buy a house for someone you hate"

So unrestrained, so bonkers, so damn funny and so Shane Black. A wonderful, witty throwback to the buddy cop genre while also capturing the 70s era quite well. Not many directors working today know how to do this genre as well as Black and that's also because he can really direct some terrific action sequences to make for a perfect mesh of two different genres. A handful of memorable quotes, and consistent laughs throughout, but we get a smart, thrilling storyline to go along with it.

Ryan Gossling and Russell Crowe are golden, this is without a question one of the best on-screen pairings in years. Nice to see Gossling take a more comedic role again after his hysterical turn in Crazy, Stupid Love, his timing is nothing short of perfection, and this might just be the best Crowe has been in 10 years at least. Hopefully this is the start of their own Lethal Weapon franchise. Yet as stellar as they are, somehow young actress Angourie Rice nearly walks away with the entire movie. She's going places

If I had any real complaints, I wish there was more for screentime for baddies like Matt Bomer or Keith David to give the film a stronger, memorable central antagonist. And Kim Basinger is just wasted. But those are pretty minor in perhaps the most fun I've had with a movie so far this year.

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