War Dogs ★★★½

While it certainly feels a bit derivative within its rise and fall angle we've seen played out to death by now, and falters a bit within the drawn out last half, it's brimming with so much energy as well as contains such a terrific chemistry between Teller and Hill that "War Dogs" becomes one of the more refreshingly entertaining films I've seen all year thus far. It may require you some suspension of disbelief within some of the events depicted here, but I also give props to Todd Phillips for never glorifying these events oas well as these individual people and allowing the comedic moments to shine through during the right time, mostly coming off as more naturally than contrived.

Miles Teller again proves with the perfect material he's a more than commendable leading star, and Jonah Hill essestinally feels like he's playing the same, sleazy stoner he was in Wolf of Wall Street, but damn does he do it so freaking well.

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