King Kong

King Kong ★★★★★

King Kong is another classic popcorn movie I was a bit snobby about when I first watched it, wanting it to have more depth than was really reasonable. The fact is that we do feel for Kong come the end, despite his having bitten people's heads off along the way, and the film does have undercurrent themes about exploitation and show business, but while that's all there, it's far from front and centre. That's far more the case in Peter Jackson's 2005 remake, which is also fantastic and I think the two films occupy distinct, separate spaces and compliment one another rather well.

No, the original King Kong is better seen simply as an absolutely breath-taking action adventure, full of incredible special effects and atmospheric set designs, with the scene in Kong's lair under the volcano being particularly thrilling and scary. There's so much imagination in its scene-setting and storytelling that almost every frame has rightly become iconic. Its pacing and score are so gripping and entertaining all the way through that the time just flies, plus I also forgot how brilliant Fay Wray's performance is. It's an absolute marvel and any idiot can clearly see that, even me (albeit on second viewing).

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