The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 ★★★★

today's my official last day of summer since i start classes tomorrow and rewatching the twilight saga was the best decision i made all summer. this was so so fun and i feel very nostalgic!!! i have no idea why my teen self thought this one was the worst of the series because THIS SLAPPED SO FUCKING HARD!!!!! i guess i have refined my taste! besides the obviously terrible cgi, this movie was sooo good. so many fun and hilarious scenes, random ass vampires coming into the storyline, BELLA AS A VAMPIRE, that great action sequence and plot twist, plus the ending and the end credits made a bitch cry!!!! especially the credits for taylor, rob and kristen... i don't know a more iconic trio, i just DONT. and not to be a robert pattinson stan on main but this movie served edward's best looks in the saga.

i guess it takes a specific kind of person to like these movies but i love them so much and they're really special to me. kristen and robert are my literal PARENTS. wish i could care about people who say these movies are trash BUT I REALLY DONT!!! IM JUST HAPPY TO BE HERE!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE MWAH!

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