Eternals ★★★★

Would love to read a review of this from the point of view of ETERNALS being a movie in the same vein as THE RIDER and NOMADLAND. That is, a movie which mixes real-life, documentary and fiction.

"Nanjianis physical transformation isn't a product of him working his ass off in the gym for sixth months, but rather it came to the actor overnight through some cosmic energy beam. How he chooses to use his supercharged body and finger pistols in the future will be interesting to see."

"Feige said that THE ETERNALS would have ripple effects throughout the MCU, but it has major consequences for OU (Our Universe) as well.
How do we go on, knowing that a giant intergalactic being has been nesting and growing inside our planet and nearly destroyed us all? How did we not know of these apex predators known as 'deviants', and will there ever be a new season of The Bodyguard now that Richard Madden has seemingly committed suicide by flying into the sun?

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