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I like movies. Movies are the shit. This site is about movies. So, that's why I'm here.

Favorite films

  • Misery
  • Halloween
  • Jaws
  • Stand by Me

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  • Snowbeast

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Recent reviews

  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night


    I'll tell you what, I've been watching some pretty bad films as of late and it didn't stop with It Comes At Night. This film bolstered more questions than answers as it was more of a flirt than anything. There is an incredible darkness with the film and it emits an uneasiness that plays well to it's atmosphere, but overall the film was a gigantic letdown. I read some negative reviews and felt that they were pretty harsh, but now…

  • Snowbeast


    Snowbeast is a basic feature in every way. The acting is atrocious, the effects or lack thereof are abysmal and the death scenes are negated, because they don't show them. I guess it wasn't in the budget, huh? The beast itself is wonderfully displayed on the poster to the left, but in the film you can only catch a fleeting glimpse of it as it stands in a distant group of conifers. Mostly, you see the creatures hands and arms.…

Popular reviews

  • Jeepers Creepers 3

    Jeepers Creepers 3

    I can't believe how much of a disappointment the third installment to a series that seems to be trying to catch the success of it's first film. I had been waiting for this film to come out for nearly three years and when I learned that it's premier was on the SyFy channel, flags rose quickly. Right from the beginning the film was off to a bad start as it is a continuation from the first film, right after Darry…

  • Sling Blade

    Sling Blade


    Sling Blade isn't just a great movie, it's an experience that every human who reaches a certain age should witness. I watched this in '96 when it came out and went in thinking it was going to be an alright indie that I could poke fun at, but man was I wrong. It's an excellent film about learning, living and love. There's also a sacrificial element that's overwhelmingly important to the film's makeup. The filming techniques are subtle, but strong…