Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

The Coen Brother's The Incredible Journey 2. The level of sarcasm on display here still leaves me speechless. Pure comedy at play as the Coen's toy with you for one hour thirty minutes. Still my favourite Coen's film!

That moment when Davis sings to his dad until that final crescendo gets me every time. The details I discovered with each subsequent watch. 1) She slept with the bar manager so Davis could sing on stage. 2) The circular structured narrative is kinda like the actual record (Inside Llewyn Davis) in the film. 3) John Goodman is actually a voodoo wizard and his chainsmoking valet is in debt to serve him 4) The whole film is really about that cat reaping vengeance on Davis.

PS writting this took up enough time for Netflix to release Buster Scruggs.

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