The House of the Laughing Windows ★★★

I had to run through the reviews of this horror film. Because I was really split on why it was so highly rated. I liked some things in The House with the Laughing Windows: The opening alone made me pause the film and turn my light out. The most movement the film gives you until the final act. And that was my only problem with the movie. It is slow, on purpose, atleast I think. Someone watching has to be really be infested to get the effect it bangs out in the final moments. The reveal/twist ending (multiple). This alone did not have a great effect on the overall movie to render it re-watchable anytime soon. I found it interesting. Not scary or chilling. I liked the opening sequence and padantic editing style more than anything. It calls in a dark and moody atmosphere, and keeps it going, enough that the film actually got my fat ass up to watch the movie in the dark. Going in blind did not help me.

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