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  • South Park: The Pandemic Special

    South Park: The Pandemic Special


    Exactly what we need right now!
    South Park keeps delivering the best contemporary comedy, brilliant unapologetic satire, always spot on.

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  • Pontypool



    Something’s gonna happen; it’s Hoop-tober 7.0 2020!

    28. movie, 3 disease based films

    Pontypool (2008)

    Small in scale, but quite big in effect.
    The concept of this indie horror gem, was truly interesting, together with the convincing cast, and the overall atmosphere, I’d recommend it to any fan of the genre.

  • 28 Weeks Later

    28 Weeks Later


    Rage on! It’s Hoop-tober 7.0 2020!

    27. movie, 3 disease based films

    28 Weeks Later (2007)

    I think there are a few interesting ideas in there, but unfortunately they’re buried under a mixture of problems too obvious to ignore, like the glaring inconsistencies in the story (and the plot isn’t that imaginative either anyway, standard infected horror), the editing (was mostly too fast for no reason), the majority of characters remain shallow or are just annoying (like the kids), and the photography is mostly completely bland and rarely atmospheric.

    Maybe fans of the prequel could be satisfied, I wasn’t, onto the next one ☝️

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  • She Dies Tomorrow

    She Dies Tomorrow


    It’s’s Hoop-tober 7.0 2020!

    24. movie, 2 films from this year

    She Dies Tomorrow (2020)

    Perplexing, intriguing and sometimes difficult horror drama, with a non chronological and mysterious story strongly supported by images heavy with meaning (and I’m not gonna claim to get everything, some of it, but I still need more time/one or two rewatches).

    And some of it reminded me of the brilliant Simpson episode “One fish, two fish, blowfish, blue fish”, Homer’s and Amy’s core behavior are not that different I thought.

  • Peninsula


    Drag your feet, don’t run! It’s Hoop-tober 7.0 2020!

    25. movie, 2 films from this year

    Train to Busan 2: Peninsula (2020)

    I thought the original/prequel was alright, it had an interesting location, characters with personality and their own motivations and some memorable set pieces, that’s basically all gone now.

    What we have here, is a sequel only in name, and that’d be ok if the film would convince on its own, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

    It’s a cliched,…