Midsommar ★★★½

This would have been more shocking if I didn't spend so much time on Reddit.

But Normies acted accordingly. I guess the long length and the sense that the other shoe will definitely drop made Midsommar a good movie to talk through for those sitting behind me. So when shit does hit the fan, their exuberant reaction was loud and vocal- and I was actually ok with this. Fun at the cinema. People.


It's just as mean spirited as Hereditary but not as scary. I felt my personal alignments shifted throughout the film and didn't end on the same note as Ari Aster's. But that didn't take away as much as one would think because the emotions and perspective were pretty strong when they needed to be.

But still I am thinking about little moments and realizing their odd foreshadowing. Little inconsequential things that I can't say anymore about!

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