Russian Ark

Russian Ark ★★★★½

Russian Ark is sometimes a dream. Sometimes a nightmare. With its wonderfully organic pace, beautiful locations and visually striking costumes, this is a gorgeous experience through the soul of Mother Russia. But it could as well have been heaven. While RA is narrated by a camera (or a ghost), and is essentially plotless, this movie is so soothing, so incredibly 'floaty' that you cannot help but love it. Admire it. Every scene looks like a famous renaissance painting reenacted. Or a photorama of different time periods. I am a lover of history, but I must admit I did not care for Russian history in the context of this film. Thankfully, Russian Ark is also a meditation on art and the appreciation of having senses. And on all fronts this movie will attack you. They should re-release it in Smell-O-Vision, because I swear I can even taste it and smelling is more tied to memory. Russian Ark air fresheners would fly off the shelf! Well, probably not because none of my peers know about this film.