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  • Mank



    Oh brother, another movie about Hollywood writing a love letter to itself, am I right?

    I’ve never been one of those people who got annoyed at Hollywood movies about Hollywood. I love the spectacle! The behind the scenes stories! The history! And in those regards, Mank is a treat.

    The production design? *chef’s kiss* I truly felt like I was transported to the glitz of 1930s Hollywood. I also enjoyed the editing style, with the vintage touches and bits of…

  • Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

    Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar


    I have taken a trip to Vista Del Mar...and I. Loved. It. Not only was this movie freakin hilarious and delightful, but it was also a really sweet look at female friendship, what it really means to love and be loved, and how to truly live your life. Oh, and a truly incredible musical number from Jamie Dornan.

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  • Moonstruck



    A madcap romantic comedy that was a delight from beginning to end. Nicolas Cage and Cher have sizzling chemistry together. Olympia Dukakis stole the show, though. Can Rose be my surrogate Italian mom?

  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    Wow. What a film. Shia LaBeouf wrote an absolute heartbreaker of a movie. Seeing the struggles of 12-year-old Otis (a darling Noah Jupe) juxtaposed with an older, more jaded version (a heartbreaking Lucas Hedges) was fine storytelling but also hurt because you truly see the effect of the trauma Otis inherited from his father at a young age. Shia’s character, a version of his father, is infuriating but also tragic. The direction from Alma Har’el is superb. This film is one that’ll stick with you for a while.