Captain Marvel ★★★½

I enjoyed this. marvel is so late to the party and usually is kind of bad with female characters so that’s a nice change of pace.

the film is extremely true to the comics, the story is original, detailed, nicely paced and introduces carol danvers in such a good way. it’s not too serious but not too light either so there’s a really good balance. i love how the character is developed throughout the film and not showed as a huge deal directly. The other characters too are so badass & likable. i love that there isn’t an apparent & typical villain like we’re used to see. the absence of forced romance is a breath of fresh air. +: I WOULD DIE FOR GOOSE THE CAT

the film is 2 hours long but felt so short? i don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but it made it feel very light and easy to watch so i guess it’s good even tho i wanted to see more of her! also marvel gave away so much stuff beforehand which ruined the experience a bit for me. and finally, i think that some aspects of this film (like the script or visuals) should’ve been worked on a little more considering the production started years ago.

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