Bones and All

Bones and All ★★★★★

“That’s a big fucking deal. It’s like your first time. There’s before bones and all, and there’s after.”

If you would have told me back in 2017 that the Call Me By Your Name would go on to make two of the most disturbing horror films of the 21st century, I would have said you were out of your mind, but here we are. First, Luca Guadagnino knocked our socks off with the sprawling, convoluted, perfectly imperfect Suspiria in 2018. Now he is back with a more focused, refined, and utterly stunning follow up that has cemented him in my mind as one of the most interesting and innovative filmmakers working today.

This film pretty much checks all my boxes. The camerawork gives off the same vintage nostalgia as his previous films, yet it still feels modern thanks to its clinical precision. The script is incredible, and is one of the most unique and layered depictions of cannibalism I have seen in film to date. The performances are flawless across the board thanks to the brilliantly conceptualized characters. Mark Rylance and Michael Stuhlbarg give show stopping performances as Sully and Jake, respectively. And best of all, at the core of this fucked up, depraved, nightmare of a film, the romance feels very authentic and believable thanks to the undeniable chemistry between Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet’s very empathetic and three dimensional characters. The Jessica Harper cameo was a nice touch as well.

Luca continues his style of sensual filmmaking. He manages to evoke feelings through all five senses through his films. The incorporation of scent into the story is so evocative and almost vampiric in a surreal sort of way. You can feel the sweat and the grime on your skin. You can taste the dust and metallic twinge of blood and dirt on your tongue. The sounds of bones crunching and teeth gnawing. It’s truly something that grabs you as the viewer and forces you to be a part of its world.

I will be thinking about this film for a very long time, and I will be carving out a spot for it on my shelf immediately.

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