Sorcerer ★★★★★

Two hours of unparalleled white-knuckling, nail-biting anxiety.

Sorcerer is the kind of film that comes around once in a lifetime. There are not many films as gritty, raw, and remarkable as Sorcerer. Absolute chaos from beginning to end. It captures violence and action that blurs the line between reality and fiction. It subverts the standard blockbuster formula by utilizing an unconventional narrative structure, while delivering one of the most tense and high-stakes stories ever put to film. It contains filmmaking antics that would drive a union representative insane by the mere thought.

The bridge scene in Sorcerer belongs in every shortlist for most tense scene of all time. It’s one of those scenes where you just sit in awe at what is in front of you, because you know damn well the only way they could have pulled something like that off is by actually doing it.

Rules and regulations exist because of people like William Friedkin. Films like Sorcerer are precisely the reason why we will never have another film like Sorcerer.

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