Alden Nagel

Alden Nagel


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Civil rights lawyer-to-be

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  • News from Home

    News from Home


    A masterpiece.

  • The Act of Killing

    The Act of Killing


    One of the most raw and haunting films I’ve ever seen. This is a great meditation on the nature of the banality of evil and people who lead without humanity, consideration, or remorse. This should be shown in history classes in public school, as hard to get by as that might be.

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  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    O Brother, Where Art Thou?


    Another dramedy near-masterpiece from the Coen bros. These films about the 20th century south always get me.

  • Tora! Tora! Tora!

    Tora! Tora! Tora!


    Easily the most intense, violent, and theatrically ambitious G-rated movie I’ve ever seen. This must’ve been so dangerous to make, I’m genuinely surprised no one died during the making of this movie. I can see why it’s one of Kubrick’s favorites.

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  • Save Ralph

    Save Ralph


    It hurt to watch but it was still great.

  • Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

    Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe


    You just have to give it to Herzog for being a part of a film wherein he’s supposed to eat his shoe to help promote Errol Morris’ film Gates Of Heaven but instead we get very little footage of him actually eating it (even though he does eat all of both shoes) and instead see him just talking about his philosophy on filmmaking. What a guy.