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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

i’m kind of a huge mess right now and there is so much i want to say about this film but i seriously do not know how to coherently explain EVERYTHING that i’m feeling. 

there are scenes in this that feel like a re-telling of my life and i know that many people have resonated with lady bird in a similar way so i don’t want to reiterate too much.

i will say though that the scene toward the end of the movie where lady bird is shouting at her mom, apologizing as earnestly as she can for disappointing her (among other things), and her mother ignores her and is furiously washing dishes made me SOB because i cannot tell you how many times this EXACT situation has happened to me and i truly never ever imagined it happening to someone else. i don’t think i wanted to. as inconsiderate as it may sound, i’m glad i’m not the only person who has experienced that desperation in apologizing to their mom for messing up in one way or another. 

in risk of sounding insincere, i sincerely believe that this was made for someone like me.

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