Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★★

I saw this in theater and remember liking it a lot but watching it again made me realize how much I fuckin love this movie. First of all give Adam Brody more roles, and let him play Dylan O'brien's older brother in a movie please thank you. Also never thought I would see Andie MacDowell in a role like this but I looove it. I've seen tons of movies with her in them and while she's never been bad, I always refer to as the human embodiment of the color beige. Here as the matriarch of this messed up family she was awesome. And Samara Weaving! I haven't seen her in much, but really between this and The Babysitter she already owns my heart. I was digging the hell out of this movie for the aesthetic but it completely won me over when it really stuck the landing. So much fun.

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