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  • The Big Lebowski
  • Maniac
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • La La Land

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  • Dead or Alive


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  • Vampyros Lesbos

    Vampyros Lesbos


    Man this is one mesmerizing movie. This was so much better than i expected form a movie titled Vampyros Lesbos. With beautiful camera work, awesome locations and a psychedelic freakout soundtrack for the ages this baby had me hooked from minute one.
    Well i would be lying if I told you that had nothing to do with the stunning Soledad Miranda. She is absolutely hypnotic as the countess and will possess your mind exactly like she does with her victims.…

  • Angst



    Well this was really fucking good. The camera work, the score, the main performance. WOW! 

    I‘m from Germany and I've gotta say, this is the best movie I’ve ever seen that was made in a German speaking Country…. It's really quite a bummer that this man has never directed another feature film because damn he had style.

    Everything here is done extremely well… the atmosphere, enhanced by the absolutely brilliant soundtrack by Klaus Schulze, is a thing to behold. There…

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  • Dead or Alive

    Dead or Alive


    That may be the best ending of any movie ever. Holy shit!

    Also, that’s two movies in a row where someone gets their hand / arm fried. That was definitely not expected but the more tempura arms the better, I guess…

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    Man, I laughed so hard when The Flying Pickets came on but it was also kinda beautiful.

    Definitely one of the most stylish films I've ever seen. I was hooked right from the opening shot.
    This almost feels like a parody of a classic Action movie but more focused on the characters than the action and ran through a surreal meatgrinder. The plot, if you can even call it that, doesn't have much going on. It's basically the ultimate slice…

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  • Alucarda



    Well, this was fucking great!
    Alucarda is a mexican occult horror movie from the late 70s, that is jam packed with filth, satan and absoluletly beautiful/gross looking sets.
    Highlights include the gypsiest looking gypsy you'll ever see, an appearance by the great goat himself, lesbian ritual love and Alucarda going full Carrie on the monastery in the third act.
    I was going into this expecting a full on exploitation trash fest but came out loving this one for other reasons…

  • Barbarian



    HoopToper Neun!

    Movie #26 {5/8 decades: 2020s}

    Eyo Castle Freak... Do I have the lady for you!

    Fucking hell, for me Barbarian lived up to all of the hype and then some!
    Loved every minute of it. I'm not gonna say much because I knew basically nothing going in and that's definitely the way to watch this killer of a movie. The way Barbarian keeps you on the edge of your seat and never lets you get comfortable is really…