Burning ★★★★½

“People’s memories are the fuel they burn to stay alive.”

Best: Cinematography (breathtaking shot composition, wonderfully dynamic in its uses of lighting and colors), themes (sensationally presented, incredibly effective), characters (meticulously set-up, thoroughly developed, easy to invest in), story (engrossingly told, mostly solid plotting, an absolutely stunning ending), score (terrific composition, creative utilization’s of instruments), acting (powerful, layered performances, standouts being Steven Yeun, Jong-seo Jun, and Ah-in Yoo), stellar dialogue, direction (excellent camerawork, full of swift skill, and outstanding long takes)
Worst: Pacing (most noticeably in the second act, the plotting grinds to a halt leaving a good portion feeling rather slow)
Notable Bit: The scene in which the main characters talk at Jong-su's house was filmed for about a month. They were only able to shoot for a few minutes every day to capture the twilight on camera.


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