Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★½

Introducing Tommy Doyle as a pivotal character just really didn’t work for me. We’re kind of just supposed to care about him because he was the child that Laurie babysat in the original, rather than developing a character for him. The whole “sometimes the greatest monster is ourselves” thing was so overdone. A whole fucking segment within a hospital is dedicated to it. Eye rolling monologues, and all. All of which was totally pointless to the story. Some of the structuring is really confused, especially towards the beginning when the film flashes back to Halloween of ‘78. 

There’s some stuff to like here though. The kills absolutely steal the show. They provide a visceral feeling. Especially through superb sound design and amazing gore effects. John and Cody Carpenter’s score, while not as innovative as their effort in the 2018 predecessor, still provides excellent mood to the film. Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak provide strong performances, as do the actors that played The Shape gave brilliantly psychical performances. I also enjoyed the cinematography and editing, both of which heavily aided the film in establishing and maintaining a chilling, suspenseful mood.

All told, Halloween Kills is quite a mixed bag. Glorious kills, a wonderfully created mood, and great performances are unfortunately overshadowed by a poor structure, and drowned in insipid, topical themes.

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