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  • First Date

    First Date


    Gorgeous short that should absolutely be turned into a feature expanding this concept with the same actresses and filmmaker.

  • Circle Jerk

    Circle Jerk


    So I watched Circle Jerk three times in one week and after texting and talking about it with friends incessantly, I decided to go long on how it movingly and hilariously navigates identity politics. Hands down my favorite work of art this year.


    Fake Friends’ digital theatrical production, Circle Jerk, is something of a wonder from the moment it begins. A troll wanders the streets, acting as a one fag Greek chorus to tell the tale of queer culture…

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  • Green Book

    Green Book


    English teachers everywhere are gonna bust a nut when this hits home video because it’s an absolute wet dream of a “movie to show to my class that deals with Serious Issues in a non-confrontational and palatable way when I don’t have a lesson plan.”

  • Heartstone



    I wanna watch an entire movie about the artistic sister who writes poetry about death and has what I assume is the best decorated room in all of Iceland.