Back to the Future ★★★★½

1.21 Giga Watts of Awesomeness

A funny sci-fi? Unusual but here it not only works but does so spectacularly. A whimsical but very clever time travel story that bedazzles you leaving you wanting more.

The charasmatic Michael J Fox plays a wonderful bumbling high schooler searching for love, a guitar gig and his existence which he himself threatens to erase.
Everything done in this movie is so well thought. The concept of time travel isn't easy as it looks because everything has to be perfect. This is so well shot knowing it came out in 80s because the sci-fi effects used in this movie don't even look cheap or off. After finishing Dark(Netflix) earlier this week I never thought I'd watch something better than that about time travel but I did and it was fun. Hope the sequels don't disappoint me 🙃

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