Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

They don't make classics like this anymore

This is such a classical film, brilliantly filmed and divinely acted! Everything about this movie is amazing in my opinion. It is really almost like a horror movie.
Sunset Blvd is a terrifying realistic portrayal of a washed up movie silent screen star and her quest to rekindle her popularity. And a poor writer on the run from the police who gets involved with her. The story starts backwards you see a man floating face down in the water and so the story begins.... how it all started.
Loneliness is the worst feeling ever and how it can drive someone to insanity is amazingly shown through Norma's character. Characters of Joe and Max are amazing as well but Norma steals the show with her big expressive eyes and strong screen presence. It's absolutely heart wrenching to see that she can't face the sad reality that she has faded and continues to live her delusional world of stars.
Last scene of the movie is probably the most iconic movie endings in the Hollywood where she walks down the stairs while delivering the lines thinking she's in movie without knowing that she's being arrested for murder as she walks towards the camera and movie ends. You can see the joy, terror and sadness in her eyes it's phenomenal. I'm surprised the actress didn't win an academy award for her role. She was truly robbed :(

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