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  • Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventure

    Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventure


    In the wraparound story of this underrated horror anthology, the Bratz join their new friend Ginger at her house for a sleepover. When it’s time for bed, they all get in their sleeping bags, and Ginger (who has never had a sleepover before) wants to go to sleep, but the Bratz want to tell spooky stories. So they proceed to torture Ginger with five scary stories that she repeatedly states she does not want to hear. Three of them take…

  • Bratz



    I am very saddened and disappointed by the negative response this has gotten from people I respect or consider friends on Letterboxd. Like, what’s going on guys? Are you ok? It’s not even a lot of people because most haven’t seen this, but I just hate when it’s hard to find fair reviews of movies like this. And by “like this”, I mean masterpieces. Bratz is hilarious, strange, bright, sweet, unique, and full of energy. It tells a great story…

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  • Video Violence 2

    Video Violence 2


    Two homicidal characters from the first movie now have a talk show that hacks itself onto televisions nationwide. The tone is much campier and more overtly comedic this time, and at first it seemed like a good concept, but the two guys get to be pretty irritating after awhile. They cut to fake commercials and clips submitted by fans that are more entertaining, but the Violence just wasn’t very exciting. In one segment, three college girls decide to kill a…

  • Darkness



    A small group trying to survive a town full of the bloodthirstiest vampires of all time. They can’t get enough of that projectile blood, and the screen is DRENCHED in the stuff. The mindless, undead town of wanderers had a bleakness that reminded me of Messiah of Evil, but through the intensely fierce style of Deadbeat of Dawn. It's as good as that sounds. Unbelievable special effects work! Complete carnage in the finale!

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