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  • Bratz
  • Benedetta
  • Titane
  • Barf Bunny

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  • The Forever Purge


  • The Night Watch


  • Princess Dragon


  • Beautiful Girls


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  • The Forever Purge

    The Forever Purge


    I’m always interested in innovative ways to use the Purge, and this kinda flirts with the idea of, if you cross the border into the US during the Purge, are you then a legal citizen? Or at the very least, can you stroll right in without interference? In this movie, it wouldn’t be that helpful because Nazis would immediately shoot you, but regardless, I wish they would explore other things that are legal during the Purge besides murder. This movie…

  • Angie



    There's a scene where Angie is super pregnant and doing a sexy dance while dressed as Santa Claus, and an older woman says "Ohh, ANGIE" and it's like the cutest/funniest thing I've ever seen.

Popular reviews

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers


    The thing Brooke Adams does with her eyes in this movie might be my favorite thing anyone has done in any movie.

  • Pi



    I give this movie about 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679821480865132823066470938446095505822317253594081284811174502841027019385211055596446229489549303819644288109756659334461284756482337867831652712019091456485669234603486104543266482133936072602491412737245870066063155881748815209209628292540917153643678925903600113305305488204665213841469519415116094330572703657595919530921861173819326117931051185480744623799627495673518857527248912279381830119491298336733624406566430860213949463952247371907021798609437027705392171762931767523846748184676694051320005681271452635608277857713427577896091736371787214684409012249534301465495853710507922796892589235420199561121290219608640344181598136297747713099605187072113499999983729780499510597317328160963185950244594553469083026425223082533446850352619311881710100031378387528865875332083814206171776691473035982534904287554687311595628638823537875937519577818577805321712268066130019278766111959092164201989