Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★½

i could have just hung out at that bar listening to that smooth halloween beat poetry all night long.

if you watch this film through the dirty blood-soaked prism that kenny powers could be lurking around the corner then it kind of feels like high camp. 

this movie is all over the place, trying so hard to tie up the mmcu (micheal meyers cinematic universe) loose ends while sometimes feeling like a vine sketch comedy. and honestly, it’s the latter that kind works for me.

camp. just weird fucking camp. i remember the 2018 version having a bit of this, but this sequel has it in gory spades. the score is probably higher than it should be just because i was amused by the strange hatchet job co-conspirators mcbride and green were attempting to make here. it’s a complicated pretzel of a story baked with hot candy farts.

there’s a hospital bed scene between jamie lee curtis and will patron that’s got about the same quality of writing as my own letterboxd reviews. it’s a total facepalmer.

the kills are fun. bloody. enjoyable. i’m glad these aren’t the rob zombie films. 

if he can’t make an actual freighting michael Meyers film then maybe green might as well just turn this series into season of the witch (which i love!)

super hard to believe 90% of this particular town doesn't have a stock pile of semi-automatic weapons lying around for michael meyers’ communist rampage. 

hot take: carpenter’s halloween theme is a very, very good theme.  


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