The Virgin Suicides ★★★★★

the entire time i could not stop thinking about how the last thing the mother said to cecilia was how she could leave the party but “we’ll just have to have fun without you”. 
somehow a dreamy coming of age movie mixed with surreal small town horror and it leaves a perfect little pit at the bottom of your stomach. to me, it encompasses the very real adolescent fear of never truly being known, how the boys’ engrossment is pillared in their misconstrued ideas of the girls, noticing only the tiny pieces the girls allow them to perceive but never grasping the full picture. The girls cannot search for connection beyond the superficial fascination, there is always something that disconnects them from the outside world. the dangers of isolation in all its suburban mundanity 
anyways yea it’s perfect sound track, the narration prose is enough to make a grown woman weep. sofia coppola u r a brilliant bitch for this one