Emma. ★★★★½

V Much Moodboard

Autumn de Wilde's photographs have been bouncing around my head for a while -- the Elliot Smith phase never ends. Here her Rodarte campaign is exposed as the aesthetic prototype to Emma(PERIODt). Glamorous Cobble and Decadent Flowerz, Pastel Heaven, framed in striking 1.66 by Reichardt and Coppola co-conspirator, Christopher Blauvelt.

It can go toe-to-toe with Love and Friendship, but the slapstick performances and production design sealz in tart wax for me, a to-be companion kind of Rom Com.

PS. Alexandra Byrne, Costume Designer, launched onto the cinema with Hamlet, Elizabeth, then echelon'd into the conscious-sphere of high opera by costume-designing major Marvel Studios productions.

(don't expect clueless, come on!)

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