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  • Angst



    Angst proved to be a difficult experience for Gerald Kargl. Not only was he in the director's chair for the first time but also co-produced the film, putting up a great deal of his own money to finance it. 10 years down the line, he would be taking jobs directing commercials just to pay off the legacy of debts accrued by the making of the film. Its lack of profitability was mainly due to the failure to find widespread distribution…

  • Dead Leaves

    Dead Leaves


    During a pre-screening Q&A at the Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival, the interviewer describes watching Dead Leaves as like eating raw meat in the morning - I don't think I can come up with a better analogy.

    The film grabs you by the balls and doesn't put you down again for its 50 minutes duration. There's zero depth - no time to think, barely time to draw breath - just time to let your senses be pummelled by some of the most insane, frenetic animation ever committed to screen.

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  • An American Werewolf in London

    An American Werewolf in London


    I got the Arrow blu ray for Christmas so what better time to revisit an old favourite than a wet and windy night in January?

    A plot summary seems redundant here - I mean, if you still haven't seen this yet then seriously, what are you doing with your life?! For my money, AAWIL is the best werewolf movie ever made, bar none. The Wolfman is legendary of course, and established many of the tropes of vulpine horror that we've…

  • Rollerball



    This film raises more questions than it answers. Why is it whenever there's a TV screen must there be three smaller TV screens above it? Why is there only one typeface for the entire world (a rough approximation of Letraset's Countdown)? At what point in the game is a new ball launched? What are the motorbikes for? It just seems so random. Why exactly do the shadowy cabal that run Houston's all conquering Rollberball team want star player Jonathan E…

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  • Possum



    Darkly oblique, low key character study of a damaged mind. Philip is a puppeteer by profession, who is forced to return to his childhood home following his disgrace at his last paying gig. He terrified the kids with his puppet, a macabre arachnid creation with a blank head resembling his own. This is Possum, an alter ego which has haunted him since entering his life in childhood, preventing him from becoming a functioning adult.

    Scored by a brooding collection of…

  • Hereditary



    I'm so late for this party that the triangle-inscribed floors have been swept, King Paimon has been toasted, heads have rolled and another's already begun, with maypoles and everything. Better late than never though, and I can see now why a lot of folks have been saying that the Swedish festivities don't top Ari Aster's native spread.

    Hereditary is a remarkable debut feature, so much so that it's been cited as an exemplar in the debate around 'post-horror', but screw…