Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★

Revisit. This isn't a good movie, but has a lot of good ideas. No problems with the idea of Luke giving up on the universe, the idea of the ruling class profiteering off war, the idea of Rey empathizing with the de facto villain through a force bond, the idea of how toxic masculinity erodes the value of human life... it's just that the decided plot that all of these ideas are presented in is pretty inept in exploring or developing them in ways necessary to coalesce meaningfully. Johnson provides a glimpse to what STAR WARS could be, but never will succeed at, mostly due to stockholders not caring one iota about an overall vision of what these films should be about. Truly, everything anyone hates about THE LAST JEDI is thanks to Abrams' status of being the original Max Landis. Johnson did his best. He should have been given the first film instead. 

(A lot of these problems may have been solved if Johnson found a way to whittle down the script to 110-120. No reason any STAR WARS film should be nearing three hours in length. That's not my STAR WARS... the only claim of aesthetics I will ever hold over these dumb movies.)

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