Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

Alright, I am going to eat major crow now. I take back what I said in my original review. Everything about this movie is FUN. I re-watched this 6 days ago and I am still quoting it and thinking about it. I adore this movie now. I can understand why I did not like it the first time, I was off the trail of Blade Runner 2049, a tonally consistent, artistic, and thought-provoking blockbuster that did not do well at the box office. Then here comes Thor Ragnarok, the third MCU movie of the year, a light-hearted adventure that everyone was praising, just like every other marvel movie. I was feeling the superhero fatigue hard back then, and after re-watching all the Marvel movies for Endgame, I have come to at least respect/enjoy most of them now. However, I think Thor Ragnarok is genius.

The first two Thor movies are a bore. They are filled with so much exposition and bland side characters, and Thor Ragnarok literally kills all of that off. The movie sends Thor to a wacky planet with quirky characters and a simple objective, all while learning about the power inside of him. Sure the focal point of the story is another doomsday plot, but it does have a twist that the doomsday needed to happen for Asgard to survive, and the doomsday plot is presented in a interesting way, thanks to Cate's hammy performance. Also on top of that doomsday plot foundation is a story with fantastic characters, dialogue, and music. This movie and Infinity War made Thor cool. He has become my favorite superhero because of those movies. Thor used to be less interesting than HAWKEYE around Age of Ultron. Now I want another movie of just Thor and gang exploring a wacky planet and helping people, no Asgard throne business at all. Make it Star Trek with demigods and comedy.

I compared this to Guardians in my first review, but I also see now that this definitely feels like its own thing. It balances the fun and the serious moments better than Guardians 2 IMO.

This is one of the few Marvel movies that on re-watch can still make me laugh (I'm sub-tweeting at you Spider-Man Homecoming).

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