Burning ★★★★½

There are some films whose impact isn't immediate. It took me a whole day before I decided that I not only liked Burning, but absolutely loved it. It was a long, deliberate ride with a character who could at times be frustratingly phlegmatic. The ride itself could be innocuous in some areas, followed by a few pretty views, now and then. Then it starts taking a few curious turns. You learn that the character's apathy is due to, among many other things, confusion ("The world is a mystery to me"). It is not that he sees too little, but that he sees too much. The turns become curiouser and curiouser. Finally you arrive at your destination. It should have been inevitable and yet it was still shocking.

So what can I say: I enjoyed the trip.

P.S.: Bonus points for the exquisite use of Miles Davis' "Générique."

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