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  • Level Sixteen

    Level Sixteen


    Fantastic Fest 2018 #2

    Deep in a cavernous building lies hundreds of little girls. They live very simple lives devoted to cleanliness and feminine virtues.

    However, when they literally begin to wake up and their low-fi day to day lives are slammed against modern technology, they discover that the drive, which has driven their entire existence, is a lie and they must discover what that means and how to fight back.

    The film was incredibly well paced with each scene…

  • It



    **Minor spoilers**

    Easily one of the best Stephen King adaptations of all time and one of my current favorites of 2017.

    We start off the film with something familiar, two little boys and a newspaper boat, but we start to see little differences right away and know what type of movie we are in.

    We are in a film that is respectful to the source material as well as the previous film versions while artfully making it's own creation.