With coffee and movie, life is already a luxury.

Favorite films

  • Peppermint Candy
  • Rashomon
  • Pather Panchali
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

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  • Sunny


  • In the Mood for Love


  • Sympathy for Lady Vengeance


  • Fermat's Room


Recent reviews

  • Guppy



    just like those guppies in the canal that feeds on mosquitos, we are all vulnerable and would do anything for survival

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    I'm not into romance................story is okayish

    but the breathtaking cinematography, dance choreography, and music make me fall in love

Popular reviews

  • Poetry



    I deeply regret keeping this on my watch-list for so long.

    Lee Chang-dong as always delivers a heart-rending movie with social commentary that would resonate with the heart of every viewer. A raw-to-the-core narrative is exquisitely written and executed.

    Another Lee Chang-dong's trademark is the solid character development which is definitely one of the best features of this film. Veteran actress Yoo Jeong-hee fleshed out her character and its dynamics with absolute honestly.

    Lastly, his amazing visual storytelling gives out…

  • Burning



    visual storytelling at its best!

    Lee Chang-dong's amazing character development never fades!

    top-notch acting performances

    hard-hitting social commentary

    well integrated symbolism and metaphors