The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

“But you’re bisexual.”
“Let’s change the subject.”

Rewatched this, fully knowing it’s in my top 5, with an eye for “what is it about this movie that jibes so deeply with my psyche?”

Whimsy, broad comedy, murder, chases, high society, period pieces, stories about ends of eras, examinations of ruin/decay, discussions of the pre-WW2 Europe that is gone forever, hotels, characters who are experts, and maybe most of all people treating each other with courtesy. The latter is not a particularly profound idea, but it’s so mostly absent from our lives that seeing it dictate the entire cosmos of this movie is wildly moving for me.

The only Anderson I’ve seen that I can wholeheartedly embrace. Maybe because it’s so refreshing to see him use his powers for good, by filming a true caper.

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