Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok


I was definitely too hard on this movie back when it first came out. First of all, my expectations were way too high. I was already a huge Taika Waititi fan while this was in production, and I was expecting something a little more offbeat. Which was crazy, because this is a very unique film that has his creativity all over it. But I felt that the first act was a little rough, and I still feel that way to some extent. But it isn’t bad by any means, it just doesn’t really kick off for me until Thor lands on Sakaar. Secondly, the environment in which I watched this movie for the first time was all wrong. No fault of the movie itself, just poor circumstances. But over the last couple of years, I’ve grown fonder and fonder of Thor: Ragnarok. There’s really no other movie like it in the MCU. People compare it to the Guardians movies, but it’s a very different beast. It’s got the weird cosmic stuff that started with Guardians of the Galaxy, but its goals and execution are one of a kind. Which I guess could be a complaint for people who liked the previous two Thor movies (do those people exist?). Because Ragnarok is SO separated from the rest of the trilogy. It’s really hilarious how swiftly and nonchalantly they get rid of the baggage from the last two movies. Jane? She’s gone with a sentence of dialogue. The Warriors Three? They’re dead after 20 seconds of screen time. But it was so smart to completely separate themselves from that dead weight. The best thing they did was get Thor off of Asgard. God, such a boring ass city filled with the spiritual equivalent of the 1%. Give me Jeff Goldblum playing a keyboard any day.

If Korg got snapped, I’ll be even more pissed than if Hannibal died. I’ve never seen a pile of rocks so beautiful.

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