Nope ★★★½

Usually, trailers and marketing end up harming more than helping a movie experience, but this is a rare occasion where it did the opposite. It was a pleasure finally piecing together all the weird mysterious images fitting a cohesive story.

Nope is a refreshing horror film with a lighthearted approach on the characters side that manages to give a new take on the forgotten UFO "genre". It takes its time, but when it hits you, it hits you!

I confess I was hoping for some sort of plot twist that never came, a more prevailing mystery in the end or some deep meaning other than that critique on a certain Hollywood way of things (which, in my opinion, is never fleshed out). But you're getting a solid and at times unsettling experience (kudos for the sound design) full of neat details cleverly leaving a discussion open.

Happy to put it right in the same shelf where Shyamalan's Signs is.

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