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  • Satan's School for Girls

  • Monstroid

  • The Magnetic Monster


  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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  • Monstroid


    The book is better. It has to be. It might not exist, but non-existence is preferable to the poorly made, badly aged movie. The Monstroid is fun tho.
    I saw this riffed by horror reviewer Dr. Wolfula; some type of riff commentary is probably necessary to get through this film. The titular monstroid rarely appears, and the picture is terrible - IIRC all releases are sourced from a single VHS transfer. Whatever the quality of the original picture, scenes at…

  • Cats in Park Avenue

    Cats in Park Avenue

    Words fail me. Some alien intelligence assembled various musical numbers and cat footage into a weird and supremely entertaining film. Track this down.

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  • Bigfoot: Man or Beast?

    Bigfoot: Man or Beast?

    This is the kind of "documentary" I loved as a kid, so the first 30 minutes are a nostalgic treat. The filmmakers roll out the iconic Patterson/Gimlin footage, narrated by Patterson's explanations of events leading up to and after the footage.
    But the movie keeps going. On and on. And reuses the hell out of the single tune on the score, a hillbilly country riff that you'll learn to hate quickly....
    Highly recommended - for the first half hour.

  • Beyond The Spectrum: The Underground

    Beyond The Spectrum: The Underground

    Presents false information in a bland fashion.