Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

"Solo act?"
- "Yeah, now"
"You used to... what? work with a cat? Every time you'd play a C-major, he'd puke a hairball?"
- "No, I had a partner."
"Partner? what happened?"
- "He threw himself off the George Washington Bridge"
"Well, shit, I wouldn't blame him. I couldn't take it either having to play 'Jimmy Crack Corn' every night. Pardon me for saying this, but that's really fucking stupid. George Washington Bridge? You throw yourself off the BROOKLYN bridge... Traditionally. George Washington bridge? Who does that? What was he, a dumbell?"
- "Not really"
"And that's when you picked up the cat? Here, cowboy chords, this would interest you. There was this act I saw in Montro, Switzerland..."
- "Hey, mister Turner, I'm wondering: would that cane fit all the way up your ass? Or would a little bit stay sticking out?"

Nearly all my misgivings I had upon first blush have been remedied, likely due to my foreknowledge of the film's loose and cyclical narrative structure, and different quirks. I was able to fully appreciate the beautiful pieces of music that are given just the right amount of time to breathe, as well as Oscar Isaac's fantastic performance, John Goodman's funny character, and plenty of other things. I found new things to like in every scene, from the cinematography to the simple facial expressions of different characters. This seems like a film I'll be able to return to often, as it's simultaneously hilarious and bleak. Excellent.

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