There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood ★★★★

Maybe I'm just getting soft, but this film really deserves those 5 stars. Anderson and Co. achieve what so few others seemingly can't in creating a true American epic of greed and ruthless competition. There Will Be Blood is a film that works on so many layers that it becomes absurd - there's the engaging story of Daniel Plainview's oil drilling exploits, the complex psychological battle between Plainview and young priest Eli, the father-son conflict between Daniel and his son, the commentary on the often superstitious nature of American religion, capitalistic critiques, character studies, atmospheric tension building, deception, greed, blood. And it's all set to a score composed by Johnny Greenwood.

What more would you want?

There Will Be Blood is something I truly believe to be one of the highest works of art created using the medium of film. It's hard to put my outpouring of praise into words that don't sound as if they were written by a twelve year-old because it's staggeringly great on so many levels. Every aspect of the film is fine-tuned, and honed sharp. It's precisely calculated and completely enrapturing. Day-Lewis' performance ranks as one of the best to grace the screen, and Anderson's screenplay is a triumph. Simple, adjective based criticism like this doesn't really do the film justice - all I can say is that this is a film that demands to be seen and will be appreciated for decades to come. Truly a masterpiece.

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