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  • My Darling Clementine
  • The Godfather
  • A Star Is Born
  • They Live by Night

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  • Fire of Love


  • A House Made of Splinters


  • EO


  • Marcel the Shell with Shoes On


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  • The Day of the Jackal

    The Day of the Jackal


    Another slick and focused political thriller, the meat and potatoes of 1970s cinema, THE DAY OF THE JACKAL depicts an attempted assassination of French president Charles de Gaulle. The movie has a European point of view and grants as much screen time to the calculated movement of the assassin as it does the government officials tasked with bringing him down. Edward Fox portrays the titular assassin (codenamed "Jackal") with an air of posh suavity which belies a ruthlessness revealed only…

  • Corpse Bride

    Corpse Bride


    Some time ago, I had mentally filed Tim Burton's films into the same realm as works like CORALINE or THE WITCHES. These are macabre tales that are simple enough for children to follow, but so casually detailed in their depiction of the unfathomable that generations were left mentally scarred. Perhaps I was a bit hasty in my judgment, as CORPSE BRIDE offers more whimsy, e.g. jazzy skeleton dance number!, than anything actually nightmarish. Even the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD…

Popular reviews

  • Rhapsody in Blue

    Rhapsody in Blue


    I never log shorts, but this tour de force (and the most underrated film of the Renaissance Era Disney catalog) changed my DNA. The "Rhapsody in Blue" segment of Fantasia 2000 is on a level of its own, with a uniquely fluid 2D animation style and color palette that masterfully depicts the simultaneous hustle and bustle of New York City and the melancholic atmosphere hanging over the Great Depression. By telling the tale of four lost souls with distinctive backgrounds…

  • A Woman Is a Woman

    A Woman Is a Woman


    And sometimes you just fall in love... I don't know if this is a comedy or a tragedy, but it's a masterpiece.