Midsommar ★★½

Simon: So we just gonna ignore the bear then?
Ingemar: It's a bear.

The razor-sharp edge that I found so enticingly horrid in Ari Aster's feature-length directorial debut Hereditary has been bludgeoned into thematic confusion in Aster's sophomore effort Midsommar. Contains the usual array of issues that accompany films that attempt folk horror, namely centering a film around a not-so-scary mystery and ending it on a borderline laughable note. Comparisons to The Wicker Man are obvious, but Midsommar's existence as a coping exercise for the director's own breakup inherently embeds catharsis as the driving goal. This background eliminates any facade of ambiguity in the mystery. Once Pelle admits that he was especially glad that Dani came along, the rest of the movie was just watching the dominoes fall down. Aster is obviously capable of strong craft. His subject just needs to be intertwined with the tone more deliberately.

49/100 - Take It or Leave It

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