Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name

I don't get the hype that this movie gets.

This movie is so problematic and fucking ridiculous. One of the worst representation of bisexual men that I have seen. Here's a list of the things that make me angry or make me roll my eyes:

1) The age gap and the power dynamics were uncomfortable to watch. Elio is obviously too immature for a relationship with an adult and I felt like Oliver really liked to be in power.
2) Slurping or blow jobs sounds were INTENSE (also the peach sounds lol)
3) STOP MAKING BISEXUALS CHEAT ON THEIR FUCKING LOVER -from an angry bisexual :( Thanks for the stereotypessssss fuck off
5) That blow job just to see if Elio was hard was fucking revolting and if someone would do this to me I would be pissed (again, an example how Oliver likes to be in a position of power, at least that's how I see it)
6) Peach scene was hilarious lol (yeah I understood the metaphor of the forbidden fruit/the peach represents his desire to fuck men but seriously it was just too much and it didn't fit with the rest of the movie except the fact that they can't stop talking about apricots for the first half of the movie)
7) These characters (Elio and Oliver) are so privileged, cocky and pretentious. It reminds me of the people in film class or art class that are just annoying...just unlikable characters.
8) The fly in the last emotional shot...
9) The cinematography was uninspired and so boring (how hard is it to make good shots when your film is set in fucking Italy). The exceptions were the shots of the italian winter landscapes.

I feel like the people that like this movie don't watch a lot of gay films because people keep repeating how gay it is (which I find funny because there's 2 heterosexual sex scenes and they are both bisexuals).

I am sorry that I came across as an angry person but this movie just gives the homophobes more reasons to think that gay men are pedophiles (and with the Kevin Spacey scandal it's not the time to praise this movie) and that bisexuals will always eventually cheat on you or leave you for an heterosexual relationship.

There are a few good things about this movie: the acting was okay, the dad is the best character and the scene when “Mystery of Love” by Sufjan Stevens is playing was quite amazing even if I hated that couple. I also like the fact that it takes its time with things even if it could be boring sometimes but Elio was bored so it made sense.

Don't recommend it and I hope other queer movies will get more praise...

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