In the Earth

In the Earth ★★★½

Been looking forward to this one all year. I enjoy Ben Wheatley's films(aside from Rebecca) so I was delighted to find out it finally made its way to Hulu!

In The Earth was brutal, darkly funny, bleak, uncomfortable, ambiguous, intelligent, and wildy disorienting. The flickering lights throughout the last 3rd of the film added another layer of trippy dippy wtfuckery to the film. Granted the last 20ish minutes made my fucking head hurt! If you're epileptic STAY AWAY from this film!

The small cast was great with Reece Shearsmith shining bright as screwball antagonist Zach. I'm not familiar with him but he was fun to watch on screen.

Overall I enjoyed In The Earth but it definitely went over my head as I'm not exactly sure what it was about or what it's message was. If there even was a message. Still a solid recommendation for those that enjoy wild rides with cosmic vibes aplenty.

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