King Kong

King Kong ★★★★

Once you trudge through 30 minutes of sexism and cultural insensitivity, King Kong is nothing but thrilling spectacle. The claymation work is stunning. I didn't know Peter Jackson had recreated so much of this in his 2005 version. The two films are equally brutal during the T-Rex throw down and equally heart wrenching during the Empire State building finale. I knew that Kong had to have been impactful in its day for it to be reimagined time and again for decades, but I was unprepared for it to be so rousing.

I do wonder if people in 1933 were rooting for the Skull Island monsters as hard as I was. Watching Kong toss those white invaders off a log and into a rocky pit of death was probably my favorite part. King Kong is not coy with its colonialism allegory, and I was more than happy to watch these enterprising assclowns get their comeuppance.

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